Our Work With Education Organizations

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To advance our mission and vision, TransformEd partners with schools and systems, youth-serving organizations, and policymakers to provide support and guidance on issues related to MESH research, assessment, and practice.

TransformEd partners with youth-serving organizations to support and strengthen their programmatic work aroundMESH development. We do this by collaboratively developing a theory of change to help prioritize specific MESH competencies, validating MESH assessments for scale, and assessing program effectiveness related to MESH.

Typically, these partnerships include some or all of the following activities:

DEVELOPING a Theory of Change

  • Support youth-serving organizations in understanding the link between MESH and other academic and non-academic outcomes
  • Prioritize specific MESH competencies linked to program design
  • Articulate how the program is expected to develop those competencies
  • Recommend assessments for measuring the intended competencies

VALIDATING Assessments for Scale

  • Provide guidance on the administration of new assessments
  • Examine evidence of validity and reliability of identified MESH assessments and their intended uses
  • Advise on potential for scaling assessments

ASSESSING Program Effectiveness

  • Design and conduct a research study on program effectiveness related to MESH
  • Identify areas of promise based on analytic findings
  • Identify additional research-based practices that could increase programmatic impact
  • Link results to future organizational goals

Examples of partnerships with program providers include:

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