The exSEL Network

The exSEL Network2018-10-03T08:23:05+00:00

The exSEL Network is a group of Massachusetts school districts committed
to working together to expand SEL in schools.

Five statewide associations representing superintendents, School Committees, elementary and secondary principals, and educational collaboratives have come together to raise public awareness and promote reforms designed to address all of Massachusetts students’ needs, including their mental health and wellness.

In partnership with exSEL, the Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy and Transforming Education are working with a network with districts to:

  • Build overall knowledge of social-emotional learning (SEL) practices;
  • Use actionable data to drive improvement;
  • Share lessons learned with one another;
  • Develop a unique plan in each district to address the specific social-emotional needs of its students;
  • Strengthen statewide policy around SEL from the ground up; and
  • Contribute to a national dialogue about the importance of SEL.

This year (2018-2019), the network will include 19 districts (listed below) from across Massachusetts. Participants will increase their understanding of the content and importance of SEL, build their capacity to use actionable data to assess and guide the development of students’ social-emotional skills, and become part of a community where educators can learn from one another and support each other’s systemic and practice shifts. Districts will have the option to engage in deeper data analysis work, using existing academic and behavioral indicators to guide their SEL efforts while developing new and effective strategies for tracking and measuring student progress.

Network sessions will cover the following topics:

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