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Who We Are: Transforming Education

Transforming Education (TransformEd) advances research, policy, and practice to support students in developing the social-emotional or “non-cognitive” competencies they need to succeed in college, career, and life. TransformEd has coined the term “MESH” (Mindsets, Essential Skills, and Habits) to encompass the subset of non-cognitive skills that research has linked most clearly to student success and that are, therefore, of the most immediate importance to educators and education policymakers.

TransformEd’s work is grounded in compelling, longitudinal research on the importance of MESH competencies and informed by our on-the-ground experience as:

  • The lead strategic advisor to the CORE Districts: six school districts (serving over one million students) that have chosen to integrate MESH competencies alongside academic outcomes in their federally approved accountability and continuous improvement system;
  • The facilitator of the Boston Charter Research Collaborative (BCRC): a collaboration between six high-performing charter management organizations and researchers at Harvard and MIT to develop and pilot innovative ways to assess and develop students’ cognitive and MESH skills; and
  • Partner to NewSchools Venture Fund in launching a multi-year collaboration to support a growing portfolio of district and charter schools in expanding their definition of student success. Together, we prioritize and design metrics for a shared set of competencies and skills, address pressing questions about how to track student progress and make meaning from this data, and facilitate knowledge sharing.

Through our relationships with researchers, policymakers, and education system leaders, TransformEd is uniquely positioned to translate lessons learned from our on-the-ground research and practice work into changes in education policy and systemic practices that will help ensure that all students have opportunities to build the MESH skills they need to succeed in school and beyond.

Follow our latest work through the TransformEd website, news digest, twitter feed, and blog.