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About Tasha Jones

Tasha is a Curate, TeachPlus, and InSPIRED Fellow, currently in the classroom at John J. Duggan Academy and formerly at Veritas Prep. "Tasha Jones is a rare and wonderful artist that strikes a balance in a world so often lopsided. Some people are all style with little to no substance while others have substance with no trace of style. Tasha is a perfect blending of the two. She has the soul of a Nikki Giovanni draped in the Haute Couture fashions of a runway model, two things few would think to pair. Her work speaks further to her dichotomy, to the easy equilibrium she has found between being a student of life and a teacher of lessons. On stage, she tells the story of her life and in doing so tells the story of all women; a story of love, loss, and life. She offers a perspective, poignancy, and insight in her writing that allows men to see themselves through her work and women to see themselves in her work. She proves herself to be simultaneously what women are and what they aspire to be. In a world where few know who they are Tasha proves that not only does she know who she is but she has a deep understanding of who you are too; And once you’ve experienced her for yourself you will feel better, wiser and ore enriched for it." *- Emmy Nominee Jon Goode: TVLand/[email protected], HBO Def Poetry, BET Lyric Café & CNN Black in America.*

Define Respect

When we as teachers teach by example, our students become more engaged and can witness the process at work. This simple assignment, meant to stretch my students, also challenged me. I reflected on my practice, and it helped our school level biases. When students have the agency to problem solve, it also opens the doors for us as teachers to lend to the process. When we think about the many ways to impact change in the daily educational experience, we often forget those voices who are being educated. When asked, my students thought critically about change and learned how to advocate in the process. Their voices were valuable in the conversation to improve education, instructional procedures, and operations.

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