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Revised SEL Integration Approach

Transforming Education’s revised SEL Integration Approach outlines five components critical to integrated social, emotional, and academic learning and helps educators answer the question, “How can we take an intentional approach, aligned with best practices

SEL for Educators Toolkit

What is SEL for Educators?

Social-emotional learning (SEL) shares some similarities with terms such as emotional intelligence, resilience, well-being and self-care. However, the specific components of SEL for adults in school settings are unique. Educator SEL is:

  • The competencies that adults need in order to manage stress

SEL Integration Approach for Classroom Educators

In this latest resource, TransformEd has developed an adaptive approach for educators eager for ways to integrate SEL into their academic curricula and other classroom activities. It provides guidance around six key components that are critical to supporting the whole learner: conducive environments, strong relationships, explicit instruction, thoughtful modeling, practice opportunities, and teachable moments. Using the SEL Integration Approach, educators can integrate SEL in a way that is flexible, equitable, responsive to their students’ needs, and can be easily aligned with ongoing academic instruction in the classroom.

Mindfulness in the classroom: Learning from a school-based mindfulness intervention through the Boston Charter Research Collaborative

This paper reviews findings from a randomized controlled trial (RCT) at a partner school, focused on understanding the effects of a direct-to-student intervention on students’ mindfulness development. The paper describes the study in detail and provides additional information about the role of mindfulness in education. We also include recommendations and resources for educators seeking to integrate mindfulness practices into the classroom.

Working Paper: Measurement Properties of Student Social-Emotional Competency and School Culture-Climate Surveys in the NewSchools Invent Cohort

This is the first study to examine the measurement properties of a set of curated scales measuring students’ perceptions of their social-emotional competencies and of their school’s culture and climate. In this study, we examine how well the surveys were designed. Specifically, we explore the extent to which the items provide consistent and new information about the underlying constructs being assessed, the extent to which the items are interpreted comparably across student subgroups, and the extent to which the scales measure unique underlying constructs.

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