About April Brunelle

April Brunelle is a Middle School Counselor at TechBoston Academy in Dorchester, MA. She has worked at the middle school level for 5 years in both the city of Boston as well as Fall River, Massachusetts. Her interests within counseling include preparing students for college and career development at the MS level, restorative justice, and School Counseling curriculum planning. She will be completing a Yoga Teacher Training this winter.

Utilizing School Counselors to Promote SEL in the Classroom

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Excerpt: There are so many innovative ways that, as a team, [teachers and counselors] can plan how to collaborate. What would this look like? It could look like...a Counselor in your room for one period a day, rotating homerooms throughout the week, solely checking for executive functioning skill development which has been pre-planned into your content curriculum. It could look like a Counselor in the classroom as the teacher is teaching, and if a student has a meltdown or issue, the Counselor can attempt to address it within the classroom, or physically close to the classroom, in order to decrease out of classroom time for students.