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SEL Integration Approach for Classroom Educators

In this latest resource, TransformEd has developed an adaptive approach for educators eager for ways to integrate SEL into their academic curricula and other classroom activities. It provides guidance around six key components that are critical to supporting the whole learner: conducive environments, strong relationships, explicit instruction, thoughtful modeling, practice opportunities, and teachable moments. Using the SEL Integration Approach, educators can integrate SEL in a way that is flexible, equitable, responsive to their students’ needs, and can be easily aligned with ongoing academic instruction in the classroom.

Which Individual and School-Level Factors Predict Student Perceptions of the School Climate in a Diverse Sample of Charter Schools Throughout the Country?

This working paper on student perceptions of their school culture and climate was produced as part of a multi-year partnership between Transforming Education & NewSchools Venture Fund. As part of this partnership, nearly 3,000 students in grades 4-12 from 18 innovative schools across the country were asked about their perceptions of seven distinct aspects of the school’s culture and climate: cultural and linguistic competence, learning strategies, rigorous expectations, school safety, sense of belonging, student engagement, and teacher-student relationships. The paper explores student and school-level factors that predict students’ perception of the school climate in this diverse sample of charter schools throughout the country.

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