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Social-Emotional Learning: A Toolkit For Equity

This isn’t going to be polished, because the process of thinking through issues of equity is messy. This isn’t going to be definitive, because no one has all the answers, least of all me. And it isn’t going to be confident, because writing about this feels very risky. But it

About the Blog

We’ve launched this blog with the intent that it will help spark and inform many conversations about the Mindsets, Essential Skills and Habits (MESH ) that impact students outcomes. This blog has several contributors, including staff members at Transforming Education and guest bloggers who are researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and youth.

How 5 Districts are Measuring Social-Emotional Skills in Their Schools

For those of you familiar with our work, you may know that TransformEd serves as the lead strategic advisor on social-emotional learning (SEL) to the CORE Districts in California. The CORE districts have committed to measuring students’ social-emotional skills alongside academic achievement and school culture and climate in their shared continuous improvement system. In addition, TransformEd facilitates the Boston Charter Research Collaborative, a researcher-practitioner partnership focused on rapid-cycle research projects that support student growth in both the cognitive and social-emotional skills that contribute to academic and life success. However, these aren’t the only schools focused on measuring students’ social-emotional skills and using data to inform instruction. Our colleagues at CASEL work closely with eight districts to implement SEL district-wide, and here’s a look at five other districts around the country that are independently designing systems to assess students’ social-emotional skills in innovative ways.


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