TransformEd partners with researchers and school systems to translate the latest research on MESH into actionable policies and practices that support student success. “MESH” refers to the intrapersonal and interpersonal Mindsets, Essential Skills, and Habits (MESH) that research has linked most clearly to student success in college, career, and life.

TransformEd’s work is grounded in compelling, longitudinal research on the importance of MESH competencies and informed by our on-the-ground experience as: 

  • The lead strategic advisor to the CORE Districts: six school districts (serving over one million students) that have chosen to integrate MESH competencies alongside academic outcomes in their federally-approved accountability and continuous improvement system; and
  • The facilitator of the Boston Charter Research Collaborative (BCRC): a collaboration between six high-performing charter management organizations and researchers at Harvard and MIT to develop and pilot innovative ways to assess and develop students’ cognitive and MESH skills. 

Through our relationships with the foremost researchers, policymakers, and education system leaders, TransformEd is uniquely positioned to translate lessons learned from our on-the-ground research and practice work into systematic changes in practice and policy to help ensure that all students have opportunities to build the MESH skills they need to succeed in school and beyond.

Our Strategies

Develop Proof  Points


  • Translate MESH research into practice

  • Offer technical assistance to states and districts that want to prioritize MESH skills alongside academics

Share What We’re Learning


  • Develop and disseminate scalable tools to schools and districts

  • Share findings from MESH research and practice with educators at all levels

Inform Education


  • Build buy-in among education policymakers that MESH should be a priority alongside academics

  • Catalyze policies to support that shift

SEL POlicy Forum

Resources now available

On October 26th, MassINC, the Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy, and Transforming Education co-hosted an education policy forum on supporting the social and emotional development of students. The forum reviewed new research from all three organizations that synthesizes the evidence on social-emotional learning and examines the state of the practice in public schools today. You can now view and download TransformEd's slides to the left.  Stay tuned for more resources.

Resources for Educators

Our professional development toolkits include student interviews, videos, and handouts that introduce each competency, share research on why it matters, and provide practical classroom strategies teachers can implement immediately.

Transforming Education’s funders and partners make our work possible

   Einhorn Family Charitable Trust  |   Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation  |   New Profit Inc.  |   Raikes Foundation