The Boston Charter Research Collaborative (BCRC) focuses on research and practice that targets growth in both cognitive and MESH skills. It is a source of rigorous evidence on scalable practices to improve student outcomes and a model for similar researcher-practitioner partnerships. 


The Boston Charter Research Collaborative (BCRC) is a multi-year partnership between six Boston-area charter schools or charter management organizations (Boston Collegiate Charter School, Brooke Charter Schools, Excel Academy Charter Schools, KIPP Massachusetts, Match Education, Roxbury Preparatory Charter School), Harvard and MIT, and Transforming Education.

Collaborative members combine their expertise to conduct research and improve practice that supports growth in cognitive skills and in non-cognitive skills, which TransformEd refers to as the “mindsets, essential skills, and habits” (MESH) that contribute to student success in school, college, career, and life. 

In addition to forging close working relationships between researchers and practitioners, the BCRC provides a unique opportunity for ongoing exchange of ideas between researchers investigating how the typically siloed domains of cognitive and non-cognitive skills impact student success. We all work together to develop a research agenda of mutual interest to be executed in a rapid-cycle fashion that allows us to refine or revise approaches based on emerging findings so that we can have maximum impact on as many students as possible as soon as we are confident of the benefit of a given intervention or practice.

Overall, we see our research agenda as helping the field to answer three broad questions:


What is the set of MESH skills worth focusing on?

How can we reliably measure these skills? 

What can educators and education systems do to build these skills?


You can learn more about the BCRC by reading our white papers:

 Launching a Multi-Year Research Practice Collaborative: Lessons Learned from Year One

 Patterns in Student Self-Report and Teacher Report Measures of Social-Emotional Mindsets, Skills, and Habits

Skills the BCRC is Measuring

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Interventions Being Tested

Is there a research question you think the BCRC could address by implementing or replicating a new or existing study?