Transforming Education is a non-profit that supports educators and education systems in equipping students with the mindsets, skills, and habits they need to succeed in college, career, and life. 

Our Mission 

Success in school and in life depends on more than academic ability alone. Rigorous longitudinal research has demonstrated that specific competencies - such as growth mindset, self-management, and social skills - have a significant impact on students' academic performance and persistence in school as well as their broader life success as measured by a variety of health, wealth, and well-being indicators in adulthood. We refer to these competencies as "MESH," short for the "Mindsets, Essential Skills and Habits" that prepare students for success within school and beyond. 

Our Approach

Despite both compelling research about the importance of MESH competencies and broad support from educators, MESH has not yet been integrated into the formal structures that undergird our education systems. From a policy standpoint, there has been virtually no incorporation of MESH into the central drivers of education reform.

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›Furthermore, progress has been stymied by the lack of agreement on clear terminology: a cacophony of related ideas and programs exist under the broad umbrellas of MESH, social-emotional learning, non-cognitive skills, 21st century skills, character education, personality psychology, emotional intelligence, and so on. To help districts and states decide which non-cognitive skills are most relevant to their students, we apply the '3M' framework. 

TransformEd believes that there are a handful of immediately actionable steps that the education system can take to begin to collect data on students’ MESH competencies and employ practices and interventions to develop those competencies. Further, by working to build and integrate the educational use of MESH measures and interventions, TransformEd aims to advance a major new thrust in educational policy and practice: meticulous attention to helping develop young people’s potential and ability across the full spectrum of competencies that are linked to success in college, career, and life. To that end, TransformEd works with districts and states to develop and implement research-based, scalable, sustainable practices and policies that help equip students with the mindsets, skills, and habits they need to succeed.

Our Values



We know that MESH skills matter for students’ success in college, career, and life. We believe that it is possible to change education systems so that all students have opportunities to develop MESH skills and academic skills in school. 


We recognize that every student has MESH skills that can be developed further. We believe that all students deserve access to the tools, strategies, and resources that can help them build their MESH skills.


We step up when high-leverage opportunities arise and take strategic risks in service of our mission. We work with urgency to help students succeed now while also recognizing that meaningful change may take time. 


We develop evidence-based hypotheses about the most effective ways to measure and develop MESH skills. We use data to test these hypotheses, and we course-correct as needed based on our findings. 


We amplify our impact by partnering with diverse organizations and individuals who have demonstrated expertise in research, policy, and practice. We model MESH skills in our collaborative work with others.